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Released in 2023, Misty is a dynamic, general-purpose, transitional, actor language created by Douglas Crockford.

The language has a gentle syntax and advanced features, such as capability security and lambdas with lexical scoping.

The language is strict in its use of spaces and indentation. The idea is that underspecified code spacing and formatting lead to incompatible conventions of style, some promoting bug formation, and all promoting time-wasting arguments and incompatibilities. For this reason, Misty allows only one convention, which is strictly enforced, allowing programmers to focus their attention on other matters.

Misty is also strict about whitespace. Its whitespace rules avoid the need for and debate over coding standards.

Misty strives for purity but does not achieve it. As a transitional language, mutation and side effects are tolerated, but not encouraged. Mutation is allowed only in the set statement. The word set is required in the statement. This allows for using the = (equal sign) correctly as the equality operator. The return statement is required in functions, and falling through is not allowed. When calling a function only for its side effects, the call statement must be used. This is quite different from conventional languages, in which syntax is optimized for mutation and side effects.

The Misty programming language is in the public domain.



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