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Currently, under development by Miva Merchant, Miva Script is a proprietary scripting language used in e-commerce applications.

Originally developed by Joseph Austin as HTMLScript in 1995, a company, HTMLScript Corporation, was founded to distribute it. However, its origins go back to 1993, when Austin and David Haldy created a scripting language that they called Logic Enhanced HTML (LEHTML). Austin designed a wrapper for it, which he used with his hosting service, Volant Turnpike. His hosting clients liked using LEHTML, so Austin reimplemented it in the C language, naming the new language HTMLScript.

Due largely to security issues, Jon Burchmore rewrote the language in 1997, with syntax that Austin developed with the assistance of SoftQuad, using the new XML standard. The new product, which supported the old HTMLScript syntax, was named Miva Script, and the company's name was changed to Miva. The e-commerce shopping cart software, powered by MivaScript, became known as Miva Merchant. The HTMLScript syntax and macros were dropped from the language in 2002.

In 2003, Miva Corporation was acquired by FindWhat, who subsequently bought the name Miva. In 2007, Russell Carrol bought the original Miva technologies and founded Miva Merchant, which is responsible for the continued development of Miva Script.

Prior to version 4.00, Miva Script was interpreted by Empresa, the Miva Script engine. Version 4.00 introduced a compiler, which increased performance. Since version 4.00, Miva Merchant Empresa serves as a Virtual Machine (VM) for running compiled Miva Script.

Miva Merchant Mia is a version of Empresa designed to run in a Windows platform as a localhost server and is updated whenever Miva Merchant Empresa is updated. Like Empresa, versions prior to 4.00 will work only with the compiled script.

Miva Merchant Script Compiler was developed in 2003, improving performance. As compilability required changes to the language, support for the old HTMLScript syntax and macros were dropped at that time. The compiler produces a platform-independent bytecode that runs on Miva Merchant Empresa and Miva Merchant Mia VMs, although there are minor differences between the Empresa and Mia VMs.

In 2007, Miva Merchant became a separate entity due to a management buyout.

Topics related to the Miva Script scripting language, its compiler, and any other tools or technologies designed to facilitate the use of the language, are the focus of this category. Other appropriate topics include Miva Corporation, Miva Merchant, any historical documentation relating to the language, and any Miva Script user groups, forums, tutorials, or guides.



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