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Created as a complement to Python, the Monty programming language implements supplementary useful functions for Python that are not part of the standard library.

Examples include useful utilities like transparent support for zipped files, and useful design patterns, such as singleton, cached_class, and more.

Monty has a concise but readable syntax. Declarations are compulsory, but the types of variables, parameters, and functions may be omitted, their default type being object. Monty provides a variety of object types, including collections. It provides a rich set of control structures, including iteration over collections. It. has a rich class library, supporting high-level functionality, such as string pattern matching.

Monty was influenced by Java and Python, and its syntactic style is similar to Python's.

Although Python is a great programming language, it is not without missing functionalities and quirks that make it more difficult to accomplish some simple tasks. Thus, Monty was created to serve as a complement to the Python standard library, adding a suite of tools to solve some common problems.

Monty was specified within the student project, "Monty's Coconut," at the University of Bremen in 2013 and 2014. Although the official website for the Monty programming language does not specify an author, the Python Package Index (PyPI) website identifies Shyue Ping Ong as the author and maintainer of the language. Shyue Ping Ong is a well-known computational materials scientist and professor at the University of California in San Diego, although I am not certain that he is the author of Monty. On his page, Elijah Mirecki claims to be an author of Monty.

PyPI is a repository for the Python programming language, and Monty has a close relationship to Python. Although Monty is not a Python package, it is available on PyPI.

The Monty compiler, called moco, allows users to translate Monty programs into executable code.

The focus of this portion of our web guide is on the Monty programming language. Topics related to the language, compilers for Monty, IDEs, editors, or other programs designed to facilitate Monty, as well as forums, tutorials, guides, or other online resources relating to the language.



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