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The focus of this category is on the Pike programming language. Pike is an interpreted, high-level, cross-platform, dynamic, general-purpose language.

Available as free software, Pike is licensed under the General Public License, Lesser General Public License, and Mozilla Public License. Its roots are in LPC, an object-oriented programming language that was developed to power MUDs. A group of Swedish programmers separated the language and virtual machine from the MUD driver and used it to develop a rapid prototyping language for various applications naming it LPC4. As LPC's license prohibited it from being used for commercial purposes, a new GPL implementation was created and named µLPC (micro LPC).

In 1996, it was given the more commercially viable name, Pike. Originally, a proprietary language owned by Roxen Internet Software, the programming environment laboratory at Linköping University took over the responsibility for the language from Roxen in 2002, releasing the language under its current licensure.

Several Pike developers are employed by Opera Software, where the language plays a role in the server portion of its Opera Mini application.

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