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Named for PROcessor for TExt Easy to USe, with a nod to the Greek god, Proteus is a fully functional, procedural programming language designed by Simone Zanella in 1998.

Currently under development by Simone Zanella Productions (SZP), the language was influenced by SETL, and incorporates functions derived from Assembly, BASIC, C, and Clipper/dBase.

Proteus was used in the Auto-ID field, as a software for keyboard emulation, to create console applications to be used through a Telnet server, to write smart print servers or other services to run in the background.

Besides being useful for text processing, Proteus can be used for manipulating binary files and to solve several other problems.

Among the strongest points of the the language are its powerful string manipulation, the comprehensibility of Proteus scripts, and the availability of advanced data structures, such as arrays, queues, stacks, bit maps, sets, and AVL trees. Additionally, the language can be extended through functions written in Proteus or Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) created in C or C++.

Besides the language's continued development and availability from SZP, the Proteus Project, a collaborative effort by researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill, the Kestrel Institute, and Duke University, seeks to develop systems for the specification, prototyping, analysis, and generation of parallel software.

Topics related to the language itself, to any variants or close implementations of the language, or any editors, IDEs or tools created to facilitate programming in Proteus, are appropriate for this category, as are any Proteus user groups, forums, tutorials, or guides.



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