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Available through the MIT License, Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that made its debut in 2004, and has since widely popular.

Often known simply as Rails, Ruby on Rails is not a language in its own right. Rather, it is a server-side web application framework for the Ruby programming language. Written in Ruby, Rails creates a domain-specific language for writing web applications, making web programming tasks, like generating HTML, making data models, and routing URLs, easy with Rails, while generating application code that is concise and readable.

Web applications are developed much faster with Rails than the same task could be accomplished through a typical Java framework.

Rails provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages, facilitating the use of web standards like JSON or XML for data transfer, and the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for user interfacing.

In 2008, a competing web application framework, Merb, was launched. The Ruby on Rails team announced that it would work with the Merb project to bring the best ideas of Merb into the next version of Rails, and Merb was merged with Rails with the 3.0 release of Ruby on Rails.

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