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Developed in 2003, Squirrel is an object-oriented programming language, designed to be a lightweight scripting language that meets the memory bandwidth and size limitations of such applications as video games and electrical hardware.

Released under a zlib license in 2003, its license was changed to the MIT license in 2010 so that it could be hosted on Google Code.

MirthKit, a game creation tool sponsored by Curved Infinity Games, designs and develops its games on a Squirrel platform. The Valve Developer Community also uses Squirrel in the creation of games, although not exclusively.

Electric Imp, whose platform is a highly secure foundation for Internet of Things applications, uses its own implementation of the Squirrel programming language.

Although Squirrel is not one of the better-known programming languages, it presently holds a secure place in some important industries.

Derived from C, the structure of Squirrel is familiar to programmers familiar with other languages. As an object-oriented language, its concepts should be clear to C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, and Swift programmers. Its use of asynchronous functions are similar to that of JavaScript.

Topics related to the Squirrel programming language, or any of its derivatives or implementations, are appropriate for this category, along with editors or other tools that were designed specifically for the language, user groups, or other Squirrel resources.



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