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In this portion of our computer programming language guide, we will be focusing on Supernova, a modern scripting language designed for Microsoft Windows.

Designed by Mahmoud Samir Fayed, the language stands out by introducing the concept of Programming With Fiction Description (PWFD), using a subset of pure human language.

The language aims to be more intuitive, resembling everyday speech patterns, thus reducing the complexity of programming tasks. I can even serve as a starting point for children learning to program.

Unlike traditional programming languages that use terse statements, Supernova operates with paragraphs. These paragraphs contain multiple statements grouped together by common words, such as "the," "and," and so on. A collection of big statements form a paragraph, and multiple paragraphs constitute a complete program. Supernova's statements follow specific rules that describe their structure, making them easier to use and remember.

Supernova applications can be distributed as executable files, and graphical user interface (GUI) applications can be created with ease.

Supernova is lightweight (less than 15 megabytes) and suitable for quick, straightforward tasks.

Although Supernova has not been as widely adopted as mainstream languages, it has found niche applications, such as rapid prototyping, educational uses, small utilities, and artificial intelligence techniques.

Supernova's unique approach to PWFD sets it apart, but it draws inspiration from human language, visual programming, and scripting languages. Its structure mirrors natural language, emphasizing readability. It shares similarities with visual programming languages, and its concise syntax aligns with scripting languages.

Supernova is integrated into the Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT) tool, a general-purpose visual programming tool designed for both novice and expert programmers. It allows developers to create software applications without writing traditional code.

For example, the traditional "Hello World" written in Supernova would look like this:

I want window
Window title is Hello World.

Supernova bridges the gap between human language and programming, making it accessible for both novices and experienced developers. Its unique approach and lightweight nature set it apart in the programming landscape.



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