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The V programming language, sometimes expressed as Vlang, is a statically-typed language, released in 2019, and available as free and open-source software under the MIT License.

Created by Alexander Medvednikov, the programming language was inspired by Go, with influences from Kotlin, Oberon, Python, Rust, and Swift. The language was originally created for personal use, but after it gained interest, it was made public and is currently developed through GitHub and maintained by developers and contributors.

The compiler was written in V, and can compile itself. Some of the key design goals included being easy to learn and use, higher readability, fast compilation, increased safety, efficient development, cross-platform usability, improved C interoperability, better error handling, and maintainability.

Despite being simple, V is powerful and can be used in nearly every field, including systems programming, web development, game development, GUI, mobile, science, tooling, and embedding. As it is very similar to Go, someone familiar with Go already knows eighty percent of V.

Online resources pertaining to the V programming language are the focus of this portion of our web guide. This would include any versions or implementations of the language, along with compilers, editors, integrated development environments (IDEs), libraries, or tools developed for the programming language. User groups, forums, tutorials, guides, and reviews may also be listed here.



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