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The focus of this category is on the Wolfram Language, a multi-paradigm computational language created by Stephen Wolfram in 1988, and developed by Wolfram Research.

The Wolfram language is a computer language like many others, except that it is knowledge-based, which means that it already knows a lot, so the programmer doesn't have to tell it everything. The language was designed to make things as easy as possible, as it makes use of Wolfram Alpha, the knowledge base that is built into the language.

Although proprietary, the language is made available without cost for some platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi.

The Wolfram Language is the programming language of Mathematica, a technical computing system also created by Stephen Wolfram and developed by Wolfram Research, as well as the Wolfram Programming Cloud. The language was officially named in 2013, although it had been in use as the programming language of Mathematica for more than thirty years.

Wolfram Research is a private company that created computational technology, including the Wolfram Language, Wolfram Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, Wolfram SystemModeler, Wolfram Workbench, gridMathematica, Wolfram Finance Platform, webMathematica, the Wolfram Development Platform, and the Computable Document Format.

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