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Created in 2013 by Jonathan Aldrich and Alex Potanin, the Wyvern programming language was designed for the development of web and mobile applications, with security and assurance being the first priorities.

As of this writing, the latest release of Wyvern was made on March 25, 2018. It is available from the GitHub repository under a GPLv2 license.

The Wyvern programming language was developed at Carnegie-Mellon University with funding from the NSA.

The Wyvern programming language is a host language that enables developers to import any five programming languages for use in a software project. Programmers can import existing languages or languages that they create that are uniquely equipped with the proper expressiveness for their industry domain. They, or anyone in their field, can import that language into Wyvern and use it with other languages. Extensibility is one of the language's strengths.

Aldrich, one of the lead developers of the language, said, "Wyvern is like a skilled international negotiator who can smoothly switch between languages to get a whole team of people to work together."

Wyvern is a structurally typed language that supports object capabilities and is intended to make secure programming easier than insecure programming. One of its key features is type-specific languages, which allows programmers to create literals of a given type, such as an SQLQuery type, in a language appropriate to that type (SQL).

Wyvern is a pure object-oriented language that is value-based, statically type-safe, and supports functional programming. It also supports HTML, SQL, and other web languages through the concept of composable type-specific languages.

The focus of this portion of our programming language guide is on the Wyvern programming language. Topics related to the language, such as the official website for the language, its GitHub repository, or any compilers, IDEs, or other tools or utilities designed to facilitate programming in Wyvern, are appropriate topics for this category, along with tutorials, reviews, developer community sites, forums, or other content largely devoted to Wyvern.



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