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Yorick is an interpreted programming language used in scientific simulations or calculations, postprocessing, interactive scientific graphics, and in reading, writing, or translating large numeric files.

Designed by David H. Munro of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1996, Yorick is open-source, under a BSD License. Written in ANSI C, Yorick includes an interactive graphics package, a binary file package capable of translating to and from the raw numeric formats of all modern computers, and it runs on most operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Yorick has a C-like syntax, although array operators make loops unnecessary. It includes a C API for writing dynamically linked extensions.

Although the language is used primarily for working with numbers, it's not a calculator. Its readable syntax, array notation, and powerful input/output and graphics capabilities combine to make the language an efficient tool for scientific numerical analysis, with applications in astrophysics, astronomy, medical imaging, neurosciences, and fusion research.

The focus of this guide is on the Yorick programming language, so any resources related specifically to the language are appropriate for this category, including the language itself, any editors or tools designed to facilitate programming in Yorick, as well as user groups, forums, tutorials, and guides.



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