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Clipper is an xBase compiler, which is a programming language used to create software programs that ran primarily under MS-DOS.

It is a powerful general-purpose programming language, although it was primarily used to create database business programs.

Developed by Nantucket Corporation in 1985, the company was sold to Computer Associates in 1992, at which time its product was renamed CA-Clipper. The compiler was designed to replace dBASE III, which was a popular database language at the time, offering the advantage of being able to be compiled and executed under MS-DOS as a standalone program. Clipper was used for millions of business applications from 1985 to the early 1990s.

As Clipper evolved, it remained an MS-DOS tool for many years, although elements of C and Pascal were added, as well as OOP. Nantucket's Aspen project developed a version of Clipper that was a native-code Windows Visual Objects compiler. Nevertheless, Clipper never made a smooth transition from MS-DOS to the Windows environment. As Microsoft Windows grew, and MS-DOS faded, so did the development of Clipper, which was replaced by Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Delphi, and Powerbuilder. Some Clipper applications remained in use, but its commercial usefulness had declined to almost nothing by the 2010s.

However, third-party developers, such as Alaska Software and FlagShip, as well as some open-source projects have implemented variations of Clipper, many of which are portable to DOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS, with expanded runtime libraries and replaceable database drivers that support several popular database formats.

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