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In its simplest form, a web directory is a categorized list of links to other websites. A software directory is a niche web directory whose focus is on software.

Although a small web directory may be handmade, as part of a static webpage, most are dynamic, using software or scripts that have been designed to create web directories. Generally, web directories are intuitive lists of links organized within subject categories, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Although web directories are usually built through the use of web directory scripts, either free or proprietary, reputable directories are personally managed by human beings, which may be the owner, employed staff, volunteers, or a combination of these. In a well-managed web directory, a real person decides which website listings are to be included on a per-site basis, as well as the category in which the listing is going to be placed. Usually, such listings will include the title of the site, a description, and a link to the website. Additional information, such as ratings or reviews, may also be included.

Links may be added entirely by directory staff or there might be a means through which website owners can request that their site be added to the directory. Such submissions may be free or they may require payment of a fee, which is used to maintain the integrity of the directory.

The focus of this category is on software directories. As such, the resources listing here will be to directories of software or software products. Retail sites, listing products, are not directories, nor are comparison sites designed to capitalize on affiliate sales.

This is not for directory software. These are listed in our Directory Resources category, within the Internet tree. A link is provided below.


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