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Software designed to aid in teaching or learning mathematics is the focus of the resources listed in this guide. This may include the study of numbers and arithmetic, algebra, geometry, or mathematical analysis.

Math software may be used within the schools, at all levels, to engage students, and it may also be used at home, either in homeschooling programs, after-schooling, or simply to give students an edge on their math studies.

Mathematical software is software used to model, analyze, or calculate numeric, symbolic, or geometric data. It is used to solve mathematical problems, for mathematical research, or for scientific research. Several applications of mathematical software include user interfaces for educational purposes and may fall under the classification of educational math software, which would also be appropriate for this category. Of course, software designed to perform calculations or to be used in the science of mathematics should be submitted to the Mathematics subcategory of the Science category of Software. A link is provided below. This category is for applications designed to teach one of the several forms of mathematics.

Software used in the teaching of mathematics may be hosted online and accessed through a browser, installed on a network, or downloaded to a computer or mobile device, with varying degrees of sophistication, but any software intended to aid in teaching or in learning mathematical principles is appropriate for this guide.





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