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The focus of this guide is on software designed for mathematics, the science of shape, quantity, and arrangement.

The branches of mathematics include algebra, analysis, arithmetic, calculus, combinatorics, game theory, geometry, number theory, numerical analysis, optimization, probability theory, set theory, statistics, and trigonometry.

Mathematical software is used to analyze, model, or calculate numeric, symbolic, or geometric data. It is a type of software used to solve mathematical problems or mathematical studies. As there are differing views as to the definition of mathematics, there are differing views of the software that is used in mathematics.

One type of mathematical software is a math library, which is a component of a programming language's standard library that contains functions or subroutines for common mathematical functions.

Functions of mathematical software are often found as components of software designed for other sciences.

A common mathematical software is a calculator that has been implemented as a computer program rather than as a physical hardware device. They provide operations for the user to select one at a time, but can also be used to perform any process consisting of a sequence of steps, each of which applies to one of these operations. Most calculators include a fairly limited set of simple operations and are used to perform short processes that are not resource-intensive.

Some mathematical software systems are computer algebra systems that use symbolic mathematics and are designed to solve classical algebra equations and problems in readable notation.

Others are designed to provide statistical analysis of data, or as proof assistants.

These, and any other software that has been designed primarily for the science of mathematics, are appropriate topics for this category. Software designed to teach mathematics, such as math tutors and the like, should be listed in the Mathematics category under Education & Training. A link is provided below.





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