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The focus of this category is on software designed to assist with the creation of scripts and code, as well as repositories of various scripts to be used in programming.

Although coding and scripting are often used as if they were synonymous terms, they are not the same thing. They are related, however. Scripting is a type of coding, and coding is the first step in programming. In a sense, scripting is code that is used to automate processes that would otherwise have to be written line-by-line by a coder.

A script language is a programming language designed for the runtime environment, automating the execution of tasks. Scripts are often interpreted rather than compiled. Types of scripting languages include JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby.

WordPress is an example of the use of a scripting language. Developers creating WordPress themes or plugins use PHP to call for site content. This might include a reusable snippet of code from another file or information stored on the site's database. This information is processed and output as HTML, allowing viewers to see the site in their web browser. The WordPress function that automatically posts the three latest posts on the site's index page is accomplished through a PHP script. Visitors to the site don't see the scripting language or its process, they just see the end result.

Rather than writing each WordPress theme from scratch, snippets of reusable code are assembled.

In this sense, scripting might be thought of as the glue that ties various applications together, but it might also serve as an easy programming language that can be used to automate some mundane task.

A scripting language can be much more than that, however. JavaScript has developed into a full-featured language, requiring the same planning and skillset that would be needed to build an application in C or Java.

Resources listed in this category may include some of the snippets of code that might be used in developing an application, as well as software designed to facilitate the creation of scripts and code.

However, we have separate categories for Programming, which includes subcategories for the more common programming and scripting languages, while some of the markup languages may be found within the Data Formats & File Extensions category. Other categories exist for Text & Code Editors, Content Management Systems, Web Editors, and Wiki Engines, as well. Sites should be submitted to the category most specific to the site content.



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