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A document management system is a software application used to manage and store documents digitally, while reducing the use of paper.

Most are able to maintain a record of versions created and modified by different users, a feature known as history tracking.

Sometimes included as a module in an enterprise content management suite, there is overlap in the features of a document management system and that of content management systems, and there is a relationship with digital asset management, document imaging, records management, and workflow systems.

While document management systems are generally used in business environments, families and individuals may find a use for such a system, as well.

As more and more businesses began to incorporate computer systems in their offices in the 1980s and early 1990s, talk of paperless offices became popular, and there was a general move to develop software systems to manage paper-based documents, with the goal of eventually replacing them.

These systems also incorporated features to manage digital documents, which were often stored on various computer hard drives and other storage devices. Some of these early systems later became known as document imaging systems, as the focus was on the capture, storage, indexing, and retrieval of image file formats. Collaboration tools, security, workflow, and auditing capabilities were added to some of these systems.

Document management systems are the focus of this category, although document imaging systems are also appropriate here, as well. Software designed for less comprehensive purposes, such as managing documents relevant for home budgeting or tax purposes, may also be listed here.


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