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Sark is situated approximately eight miles east of the island of Guernsey and is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Sark is the smallest of the four main Channel Islands, only three miles long and a mile and a half wide. The highest point on the island is 114 metres above sea levelThere are no cars allowed on the island of Sark, though tractors are allowed, and travel by horse-drawn vehicles are the mode of transportation for those who do not wish to talk. Sark is a Dark Sky Community, which is a community which restricts artificial light pollution. It is the first Dark Sky island in the world.

There are two geographic parts of Sark: Greater Sark in the north and Little Sark in the south. The two Sarks are connected by La Coupée, a narrow isthmus which is 91 metres long. It has a 100-metre drop on both sides.

There are several mines on the island, where silver and galena, which is the natural mineral form of lead sulfide, was mined. There are also numerous natural cave formations at sea level. These cave formations are habitats for many marine animals, particularly sea anemones.

Less than 325 metres west of Greater Sark is the private island of Brecqhou. Despite the fact that it's private. it is open to some people who want to visit. Sark has jurisdiction over the island of Brecqhou. The owners of that island since 1993, David Barclay, has contested Sark's control for a few years, but candidates who are endorsed by business interests have not been able to win any seats for more than a decade.

In August of 1990 a nuclear physicist from France named André Gardes decided to invade Sark. Armed with a semi-automatic, he posted two posters which announced his intention to take over the island "tomorrow at noon." The next morning, he started foot patrol all by himself wearing full battle garb and brandishing his gun. Gardes was on a bench, resting and waiting for noon when the island's volunteer constable walked by, looked at the weapon admiringly, and complimented the man on his fine weapon, Gardes began to change the magazine, and while the weapon was without any ammunition, the constable pounced on the would-be invader, wrestled him to the ground, and arrested him. He was sentenced to seven days in the Guernsey jail. The next year, the physicist tried again, but this time he was intercepted and turned around in Guernsey.


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