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The parish of Saint Bréeade is one of Jersey's twelve parishes. Some of the most trafficked bays in Jersey are located in Saint Brélade, including Portelet, St. Brélade's Bay, and. Additionally, parts of St. Ouen's Bay and St. Aubin's Bay are in the parish. Jersey's desalination plant as well as its prison are both in Saint Brélade.

The Parish Church, Saint Brélade Church, is at the end of Saint Brélade's Bay, making it unusual in the Channel Islands, since parish churches are usually closer to population centres. Though the exact date church was built is unknown, but it is mentioned in a deed of patronage in 1035 AD. Next door to the church is the monastic chapel known as the Fishermen's Chapel. This chapel was probably guilt in the 6th century.

A second church, this one an Anglican church named Saint Aubin on the Hill, is near the Parish Hall in Saint Aubin, a port on the Gulf of Saint-Malo. It was built in large part due to the locals who complained about the two-mile trek to Saint Brélade Church, which was not only long, but difficult to walk given the steep hills. This church was originally built in 1747, making it the first church to be built on the island since the Reformation. It was decreed unsafe in 1888, and a new church was built, beginning in June of 1889. The granite from the old church was recycled to this building. It is admired for its stained glass windows and Victorian Gothic style of architecture.

Once the church was finished, the church supported the construction of a primary school, which was built nearby. That school, St. Brelade's School, was the school for the whole parish until it closed in 1984. That building is now St. Brelade's Collect which teaches English to foreign students. There are now two primary schools in Saint Brelade: La Moye School and Mont Nicolle School, both of which also have a nursery class.



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