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The island of Jersey is situated in the English Channels and is part of the the Bailiwick of Jersey. The largest of the Channel Islands, the island of Jersey is 118.2 square kilometres and is located 22 km from Normandy, France and 161 km south of Great Britain. The capital of Jersey is Saint Helier, which is one of the twelve parishes of the island.

The island is primarily a plateau with deep valleys sloping from north to south. The cliffs on Jersey are as high as 148 metres.

Once run as a feudal society, Jersey is now under a bailiff appointed by England's monarch. They are not members of the European Union, but have a special relationship with the EU. They are pa.t of a Crown dependency, autonomous in most things, with England responsible for the defense of the island as part of the Channel Islands,

The small, short-horned breed of daily cattle called jersey cows originated on the island of Jersey. One of the characteristics of jersey cattle is their adaptability to a very wide range of conditions. It gives milk which is extremely rich in butterfat. Since the late 1700s, Jersey passed laws which prohibited import of non-jersey cattle. Subsequently, the breed was recognized as pure. These animals are exported to countries including New Zealand, England, the United States, and Denmark.

The Jersey National Park envelopes about 48 km of the island's coastline, winding through Les Écréhous, Les Minquiers and Pierres de Lecq (also called the Paternosters). There are numerous hiking trails, tours, and explorations with kayaks, RIBS, and without vehicles, and even a marathon. There are plenty of hotels , cottages, and other rentals both in and near the Jersey National Park, as well as every type of eatery imaginable.

The rest of Jersey is rich in its history, ranging from the days of the Normans to the German occupation, and tourists are invited to see the Martello Towers, the defensive forts which were built across the Channel Islands and indeed across the entire British Empire, to the Jersey War Tunnels which were built under the supervision of the occupying Nazis by the slave labour of their prisoners. The island is full of things to see and stories to hear about life under German occupation from July 1, 1940 until May 9, 1945.



St. Brelade

St. Clement

St. Helier

St. John

St. Lawrence

St. Martin

St. Mary

St. Ouen

St. Peter

St. Saviour




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