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The general focus of this guide is on attractions and events in Colon, Michigan.

Given the association that the village has long had, and continues to have, with magic and magicians, some of these will include magic shows or events featuring magicians, such as the Abbotts Magic Get Together, which is usually a four-day event designed to bring the magic community together in Colon, the Magic Capital of the World, each August. There is also the Colon Magic Museum, and the River Lake Inn Restaurant periodically puts on a comedy magic show and dinner, which would qualify here, although the restaurant site itself would be listed in the Places to Eat category or in the main Colon category.

Other appropriate resources for this category may include Colon museums and historical places, libraries, art galleries, theaters or theatre groups, dance halls, bowling alleys, and other entertainment venues, as well as hiking trails, sports teams, and leagues, recreational programs or facilities, festivals, concerts, and other events within the village.



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