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Prior to 1950, there were one-room schoolhouses throughout Rogers, Hassan Township, and Fletcher, but the majority of residents in this area attended the Hassan School, District 69, District 70, or Saint Walburga.

Most of the schools in the region were taught by one teacher, who taught grades one through eight. Students attended school from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, with an hour for lunch and a 15-minute recess. Individual students receiving only about ten minutes a day from their teacher. Teachers were paid $60 or $70 per month.

The first Catholic school was built in 1865. It was located across the road from the original Saint Walburga Church on County Road 117. When the church was moved down the road to Walburga (Fletcher), a new school was constructed north of the rectory. The one-room schoolhouse soon reached its capacity of sixty students. In 1902, it was moved to a three-story school across the street. From 1904 to 1967, the Sisters of Saint Francis operated the school.

The District 70 school was on what is now County Road 144.

Saint Martin's Catholic Church built a school and convent in 1950. When Saint Martin's opened, the one-room schoolhouses closed, including the Walburga school. Many non-Catholics also attended Saint Martin's, although they didn't attend the religion classes. Others attended schools in neighboring townships, such as the Elk River High School or the Anoka High School.

In the 1960s, the state mandated the consolidation of school districts throughout Minnesota, eliminating the one-room schoolhouse concept altogether.

Due to the consolidations, Independent School District 728, in Elk River, became overcrowded. To relieve the congestion, Rogers Elementary School was created in 1970, and Hassan Elementary School opened in 2005.

Later, Rogers Middle School and Rogers High School were established. Built in 2002, Rogers High School now serves the 9-12th-grade students of Albertville, Dayton, Otsego, Rogers, and Saint Michael. Rogers Middle School enrolls 6-8th-grade students.

Hassan Elementary School is in the northwestern portion of Rogers, serving students in K-5th grade.

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School, in Rogers, is a PK-5th-grade school, and a campus of Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church.

Additionally, there are several preschools, religious and private, in various places within the city. Websites representing schools, at any level, within the city of Rogers, including its neighborhoods and former township region, are appropriate for this category, whether public, private, or religious in nature. Daycare centers may also be listed here.



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