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Rogers, Minnesota, in northwestern Hennepin County, is a northwest suburb of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

The city is located on either side of I-94, and State Highway 101 runs north from Rogers. Albertville is about six miles to the northwest, Corcoran about the same distance to the south, St. Michael seven miles west-northwest, Dayton seven miles east, and Elk River about nine miles to the north of Rogers.

Hassan Township was annexed to Rogers in 2012. Hassan was located along the south bank of the Crow River and bisected by Interstate 94, about twenty miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis. Prior to the annexation, the city of Rogers was entirely surrounded by the township. Originally part of the Big Woods," Hassan Township had been heavily timbered with ash, basswood, elm, maple, and oak but, by the time of its annexation by Rogers, it was an urban township.

The unincorporated community of Fletcher, less than two miles from downtown Rogers, was incorporated into Rogers along with the Hassan Township.

For most of its history, Rogers has been a small town. Its population was less than seven hundred at the time of the 1990 census; by 2000, its population had expanded by more than 400%. By 2016, it was estimated to have a population of nearly thirteen thousand.

Rogers, Hassan Township, and Fletcher were settled a path was cut through the Big Woods, creating a passageway from Minneapolis to Monticello. Known as the Territorial Road, it is used yet today.

Alexander Borthwick and Harvey Hicks are believed to have brought the first horses and wagon into the area of Hassan Township in 1854, cutting a road through the timber. Dennis Ford, Alpheus Maservy, and Joseph Green came later that year, and Henry Parslow and Jasper Hawkins came the following year with a wagon drawn by oxen. The government sold the land for $1.25 per acre.

Hassan Township was named for Dakota word for the sugar maple trees that were found in the area.

A post office was established at Hassan Rapids in 1857, but it was discontinued in 1859. The Rogers post office was established in 1884. Fletcher was first known as Walburga, but when the community lobbied for a post office, Congressman Loren Fletcher agreed to support the cause if the post office were named for him. The Fletcher post office was created in 1900, but discontinued in 1906.

In the 1880s, John Rogers sold an acre of his land, which was then part of Hassan Township, to the Great Northern Railroad, which established a depot there. The townsite of Rogers grew up around that depot, which was named for Rogers. Before long, Saint Martin Catholic Church and school were added, followed by some businesses. These formed the nucleus of a local commercial hub, giving it an advantage of other nearby communities like Fletcher. Rogers was incorporated as a city in 1914.

Still, the city grew slowly until I-94 was built in 1972. The new freeway ran through Rogers, connecting the city to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, prompting other businesses to form.

Today, Rogers is still not large, as cities go, but it is growing. Several public and private schools serve the city. There are several. There are churches, businesses, and other facilities as well. The Rogers Fire Department responds to fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, automobile collisions, and other emergencies.

Crow-Hassan County Park occupies the western portion of the city, and there are several lakes in the city limits, including Sylvan Lake, Cowley Lake, Henry Lake, Prairie Lake, Twin Lake, North Twin Lake, Meadow Lake, and several other smaller bodies of water. The Crow River forms the northern border of Rogers and most of its western border. Rush Creek cuts across the southeastern portion of the city.

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