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Rosemount, Minnesota is in Dakota County. Organized as a township in 1858, it was incorporated as a city in 1972.

The first land claim in the area was made by William Strathern in 1853. The following year, C.H. Carr opened a stagecoach station and public house on the Mendota-Wabasha Road. In early 1854, James Diffley made a claim in what is now western Rosemount, while Andrew Keegan staked a claim on the east shore of what is now known as Keegan Lake. By 1855, several settlers had filed claims and built homes.

In May of 1858, Rosemount was organized as a township. Saratoga was proposed as a name for the new township, but the townspeople settled on Rosemount. In 1860, roughly fifty percent of Rosemount's eligible men had enlisted to fight the Civil War.

In 1866, a village formed within the township, also taking on the name of Rosemount. At the time of the 1880 census, Rosemount Township had a population of 848, with 116 people in Rosemount Village.

Portions of Inver Grove Township were added to Rosemount Township in 1871, extending Rosemount's northeastern border to the Mississippi River.

Rosemount Village was incorporated in 1875.

Another community formed around the Chicago Great Western Depot, taking the name of Rich Valley, which had its own post office from 1858 to 1935. Today, Rich Valley is a distinct neighborhood of Rosemount.

Things changed considerably for several Rosemount residences with the government acquisitions of land for a smokeless gunpowder production plant, known as Gopher Ordnance Works, which opened in 1943 and closed soon after the end of World War II. To build the plant, the government evicted farmers from 11,000 acres of farmland.

In January of 1971, the village and township of Rosemount merged, becoming the City of Rosemount a few years later.

The main routes through the city are US Highway 52, Minnesota State Highways 3 and 55, and County Road 42. Pine Bend, an unincorporated village in Island Lake Township, is just north of northeast Rosemount. Just east of Pine Bend is Roseport, a neighborhood of Inver Grove Heights. Coates abuts Rosemount to the southeast. Sedil, an unincorporated neighborhood in Nininger Township, abuts Rosemount on its eastern border, along the Mississippi River and Spring Lake. Eagan is about eight miles to the north-northwest. Inver Grove Heights is about nine miles north of the center of Rosemount. Empire is about ten miles to the south, Farmington is about eight miles to the south, and Apple Valley is approximately six miles east of Rosemount.

At the northeastern border of Rosemount, the Mississippi River widens to form Spring Lake. The western portion of the city includes several lakes and ponds. There are often several parks and wooded areas.

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