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The focus of this category is on topics related to faith, religion, or spirituality in Rosemount, Minnesota.

Regardless of the type of religion or spiritual tradition, churches, chapels, temples, synagogues, mosques, Bible studies, or whatever the place of worship might be called, are appropriate for this category if they are in Rosemount.

As with most communities, churches were established in Rosemount shortly after the community was settled.

A Methodist Church was built in 1874 but, as the majority of the town's early residents were Irish Catholics, next was the Church of Saint Joseph. Originally located in Lakeville, the Catholic church was moved to Rosemount in 1881 after its first church was destroyed by a tornado in 1880. Saint Joseph is still serving the Catholic community in Rosemount, located on Biscayne Avenue in West Rosemount.

In 1911, Saint John's Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, was formed in Rich Valley.

Another Saint John's, an American Lutheran Church, was moved from Eagan to Hyland Avenue, which is now Cameo Avenue, in Rosemount in 1938. Its building was acquired by the First Baptist Church in 1959 when Saint John's moved elsewhere.

In 1970, the First Baptist Church of Rosemount built its own building on the corner of 145th Street W and Diamond Path. In 1973, they added a new auditorium onto the church.

Other churches in Rosemount include Lighthouse Christian Church on 144th Street West, Our Savior Church on Diamond Path Road, Southland City Church on Glacier Way, Community of Hope on Biscayne Avenue West. Cedarwood Church is a non-denominational congregation on Biscayne Avenue, and The Well is a United Methodist Church with both a Rosemount and an Apple Valley campus.

The City on a Hill Church on 146th Street was founded in 2010 by a group of families from South Suburban Evangelical Free Church. First meeting in small groups, the congregation currently meets in the Steeple Center in downtown Rosemount.

There are probably others besides.

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