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Places of worship in Springfield, Minnesota, or any topics related to faith, spirituality, or religion in Springfield are the focus of topics in this guide.

Regardless of the religion, denomination, sect, or flavor of religion, any religious or faith-based ministry in Springfield may be submitted to this category. These might include local churches, chapels, temples, synagogues, mosques, or other places of worship, or it might be another type of ministry or religious program based in Springfield.

For example, the New Life Assembly of God Church meets at its facilities on Central Street in Springfield.

Affiliated with the United Methodist Church, the Springfield UMC was formed in 1954.

Saint Raphael Catholic Church is part of the Vine and Branches Area Faith Community, of the New Ulm Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

Lutheran Churches in Springfield include Saint John's Lutheran Church on County Road 5, as well as Saint Paul Lutheran Church on North Cass Avenue, both of which are associated with the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. Zion Lutheran Church is a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and the Sundown Lutheran Church is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

These and other religious programs or congregations in Springfield are appropriate for this category.



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