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Situated south of Rochester, Stewartville is in southeastern Minnesota. This is a guide to the city.

Located in Olmsted County, Stewartville is surrounded by High Forest Township. The city of Racine is about nine miles to the south. US Route 63 passes through the middle of the city, in a north-south direction. Interstate Highway 90 passes by just northwest of the Stewartville.

The North Branch of the Root River flows southwest through the center of town. Bear Cave Park, just north of the river in west Stewartville, features several hiking and biking trails, as well as areas for softball, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Other parks include Brin Park, Florence Park, and Meadow Park, which includes a skating rink. Across the river from Meadow Park is Riverview Greens Golf Course.

Stewartville was founded as a small prairie village in 1857, and named for Charles Stewart. A post office was established in 1858.

The original streets were Main Street, with Lake, Center, and Church branching off of it. A mill that was constructed along the banks of the river was focus around which the village grew. When the railroad was completed through the town, Stewartville developed into a regional center for farming and industry, and Lake Street became the residential district for doctors, lawyers, and others of good means.

The Maple Leaf Route of the Chicago and Great Western Railway connected Stewartville with the Twin Cities, Rochester, Racine, Spring Valley, and Chicago, Illinois.

With a population of over six thousand, the city has gained in population each census year since 1930.

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