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This is a guide to the city of Taylors Falls, Minnesota, which is across the Saint Croix River from Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin.

Taylors Falls is part of a chain of five small cities that make up the area known as Chisago Lakes, the other being Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City, and Shafer, all located along US Highway 8, and have other characteristics in common.

The city of Shafer is about six miles west-southwest of Taylors Falls, Palmdale is about the same distance northwest, and Dresser, Wisconsin is about five miles south-southeast. The unincorporated community of Franconia is just south of Taylors Falls. Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin is separated from Taylors Falls by the river.

Known for rock climbing opportunities, large rock walls border one side of the highway leading to Taylors Falls, while a forest is on the other. As the city was built at the Dalles of the Saint Croix River, an area of forested bluffs and high, rocky cliffs, it is a popular recreational area. In fact, the first interstate state park in the United States is in Taylors Falls, known as Interstate Park, created by the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, straddling the border, with 298 acres on the Minnesota side, and a much larger area on the Wisconsin side.

The river itself was designated as a National Wild and Scenic Riverway in 1968. The region's first immigrants came by way of the river, loggers drove milled logs downstream, and today it offers opportunities for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boating.

Platted in 1850, and named for Jesse Taylor, Taylors Falls was incorporated in 1858. A post office was established there in 1851.

Taylors Falls has the oldest public school in Minnesota, constructed in 1852. Other historical buildings include the Folsom House, the restored home of W.H.C. Folsom, a lumber magnate who moved to Taylors Falls in 1850, now operated as a museum, and the Taylors Falls Public Library, housed in a building that was originally built as a tailor shop in 1854, converted into a library in 1887. Built in 1861, the United Methodist Church is the second oldest church still in operation in Minnesota.

Taylors Falls is also home to Wild Mountain, a ski and snowboarding resort with twenty-six ski hills on more than a hundred acres of land. During the summer, Wild Mountain includes a water park, and offers Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours.

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