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This is a guide to services and industries in Minnesota.

Although companies are usually listed in the Cities & Towns category that corresponds to the company headquarters or location, those with multiple locations in Minnesota may also be listed here, along with statewide industry associations, organizations, or regulatory agencies. Guides and directories of industries and services in Minnesota may also be listed in this category.

Minnesota's earliest industries were fur trading and agriculture but, although agriculture remains a part of the state's economy, it now employs less than one percent of the population. While Minnesota is the largest grower of sugar beets, sweet corn, and green peas, as well as farm-raised turkeys, greater mechanization has greatly reduced the number of employees required. In large part, the state's agribusiness has changed from production to the processing and manufacturing of value-added food products by companies such as Cargill, General Mills, and Hormel.

Forestry, another early industry in Minnesota, remains strong. Although the amount of forested land in the state has decreased considerably, forest products manufacturing, logging, paper production, and pulpwood processing remains a significant part of the state's economy, albeit on the decline.

Iron ore mining was once a major part of the state's economy. Today, while its stores of pure ore are depleted, taconite mining remains strong, producing about three-fourths of the usable iron ore in the country.

Manufacturing is also important to Minnesota's economy. In particular, boats and outdoor recreational products are produced by several Minnesota companies, such as Arctic Cat, Polaris, the Alumacraft Boat Company, and Lund Boats. Minnesota factories also produce machinery and fabricated metals, flour-mill products, plastics, and processed foods.

Since World War II, the tech industry has been growing rapidly in Minnesota. Tech companies headquartered in Minnesota include Ceridian (Minneapolis), Digi International (Minnetonka), Digital River (Minnetonka), Geek Squad (Richfield), Hutchinson Technology (Hutchinson), Glassbridge Enterprises (Maplewood), IBM Rochester (Rochester), MacSoft (Plymouth), Medtronic (Minneapolis), MTS Systems (Eden Prairie), Stratasys (Eden Prairie), SPS Commerce (Minneapolis), 3M (Maplewood), and hundreds of smaller software companies.

Although Minnesota does not produce petroleum of any type, the Pine Bend Refinery, in Rosemount and Inver Grove Heights, is the largest oil refinery in the country in a state without oil wells. Most of the oil produced by Pine Bend is sold within the state. A significant amount of ethanol alcohol fuel is produced in the state, and Minnesota has a mandate for a 20% mix of ethanol into consumer gasoline, the strongest such requirement in the country.

Law firms, banks and other financial institutions in Minnesota may be listed in this category, or in the appropriate subcategory, if they have multiple locations within the state, and they may also be listed in the appropriate Cities & Towns category for the city in which they are headquartered. Firms and institutions that are largely local or regional in scope should be listed in the city category of their location.

Statewide industry associations and other organizations are appropriate for this category, as are guides or directories of industries or services in Minnesota. These may include statewide employment agencies or employment listings.


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