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In this guide to attorneys, law firms, and other legal services in Minnesota, the focus will be on statewide industry associations and large firms that practice statewide through multiple offices.

While attorneys who are licensed to practice in Minnesota can, and may at times take cases outside of their geographical area, most law firms and attorneys are more appropriately listed in the Cities & Towns category that reflects their chief office location. Otherwise, the number of listings in this category would be unwieldy.

Statewide law firms may be listed here, and in the category that corresponds to their main office. For example, Fredrikson & Byron, although founded and headquartered in Minneapolis, has locations in Mankato and Saint Paul, as well as in Iowa, North Dakota, China, and Mexico. As an international firm with roots in Minnesota, it may be listed in this category as well as in the appropriate Minneapolis subcategory in the Cities & Towns section. On the other hand, Nilan Johnson Lewis, although one of the largest law firms in Minnesota, has its offices in Minneapolis and should be listed only in the Minneapolis category.

Also appropriate for this category are associations of attorneys or law firms in Minnesota, such as the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, and the Minnesota Paralegal Association, as well as the Minnesota Bar Association.

Guides and directories of attorneys, lawyers, paralegals, law firms, or other legal services in Minnesota would also be suitable for this category.



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