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Astrology is the study of the influence of the stars and planets on human lives. Astrology takes into account the position of the sun, stars, moons and planets at the time of a person's birth, which is believed (by astrologers) to shape their personality, affect their human relationships, and predict their successes and failures, among other things. Most people, in the United States, at least, know their astrological sign, which refers to one of twelve constellations of the zodiac. Sometimes known as sun-sign astrology, this is the simple form of astrology that horoscopes are based on. Astrologers will tell you that this form of astrologer is too simplistic to produce useful results. For a more accurate reading, astrologers will determine where each planet was at the time of birth, and these planets and signs will combine with other elements, such as houses and angles, to form a vastly more complex profile. There is no one theory or practice of astrology that every astrologer will agree upon. Ancient astrologers practiced a variety of forms, and many of these were combined, added to, and modified to form Western forms of astrology, while Eastern cultures practice their own forms of astrology. Throughout most of its history, astrology was considered a scholarly tradition, and was commonly practiced in academic circles, along with alchemy, astronomy, meteorology, and medicine. It was not until the 20th century that it has been effectively challenged, and relegated to the status of a pseudoscience. Sites whose topics are focused on horoscopes, of the sort that might be found published in newspaper or magazine columns, should be listed in the Horoscopes category. A link to that category can be found below.





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