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Throughout the world, there are hundreds of lakes that harbor large animals that are unrecognized by standard zoology. Although monsters might not be the best description of them, it is perhaps the most common, so we will use it here. Claims of unknown lake monsters have a long history in mythology and folklore, although they have been known my many names, such as sea serpents, great serpents, water dragons, water horses, worms, and others. Apart from distant mythology, there are several contemporary reports of lake monsters, perhaps the most famous being the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. Although none of these claims have been authenticated by conventional zoology, there is an amazing similarity between the appearance of these creatures in reports from different regions of the world. Descriptions of Nessie, in Loch Ness, for example, are very much like those of Champ in Lake Champlain, which borders the U.S. states of New York and Vermont and the Canadian province of Quebec. Sighting of the Flathead Lake Monster in Montana are much like those of Nessie and Champ, and so on. If it should turn out that these creatures are real, then it is likely that they are of the same species. Other lake monsters have been reported in Lake Seljord in Norway, in Lake Seljordsvatnet in Sweden, Arenal Lagoon in Costa Rica, the Dilolo Swamps in the Congo, Labynkar Lake in Russia, Lake Como in Italy, Tian Chi in China, and many others, including several lakes in the United States and Canada. Many, but not all, of them are described in much the same way. While still classified as cryptids, one theory is that some of these animals may be sea serpents who have adapted to freshwater over a long period of time. At least one biologist has suggested they could be zeuglodons, primitive, snakelike whales that disappeared from the record 20 million years ago. However, there is little doubt that some reports are hoaxes, mirages, or commonplace objects that are not being seen clearly enough.



Flathead Lake Monster

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