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The Mothman of Point Pleasant, West Virginia is memorialized in a twelve-foot high statue in Point Pleasant. Despite a great deal of publicity, researchers have not come to a conclusion as to its nature. Although its name suggests something of a humanoid moth, those dozens or more people who saw it in the late 1960s originally described it as being something more like a bird than a moth. The earliest reported sighting was in 1961 when a father and daughter were driving through the Chief Cornstalk Wildlife Management Area late at night when they came upon what they first believed to be a person standing in the middle or the road; that is, until the creature displayed a set of wings that reached to either side of the road, and flew away. It wasn't seen again until November of 1966, when two young couples were driving around a former military munitions facility on the edge of Point Pleasant one night. They saw what appeared to be bright red eyes shining in the darkness. Then a figure the size and shape of a very tall man stepped into the light, and spread a set of very large wings. When the couple tried to escape in their car, the creature flew after them at speeds approaching a hundred miles an hour, emitting squeaks that were described as being like that of a huge mouse. Over the next year, several people reported seeing the creature around Point Pleasant, and a Charleston news reporter dubbed it "The Mothman," and the name stuck. No one has been able to describe the face, as the red eyes dominated, nor was anyone able to describe whether it was coverered with fur, feathers or scales, perhaps because it was only seen at night. A mythology developed around the creature, that it appeared only to those who were about to die. Although not everyone who viewed the creature died, forty-six area residents died when the Silver Bridge, which crosses the Ohio River, collapsed at 5 pm on December 15, 1967, after which sightings slowed considerably.



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