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Also known as reptilians, reptiloids, dinosauroids, Saurians, the Anunnaki, Dracos or Draconians, reptoids are believed, by some, to be a humanoid species living on or beneath the surface of the earth. Those who believe in them will argue that they have been spoken of and referenced throughout the history of the world, and into contemporary times. Some Christians believe that reptoids are the demons mentioned in the Bible. Another theory is that they are extraterrestrials from the planet Draco, but that they have been here on earth for centuries. Less commonly believed is that they are indigenous to the earth, but descended from dinosaurs. A commonly held belief, between Christians and UFOlogists alike, are that they are allied with the Illuminati, a secret society that has connections to the Global Elite, the Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, and the Windsors. Reptoids are thought to be intelligent, supernatural or highly evolved humanoids with reptilian characteristics. They are popular figures in mythology, science fiction, fantasy, and fringe theories, appearing in several conspiracy theories, most notably those of David Icke. However, several ancient civilizations have described reptilian beings, and some have described them as being humanoid. Ancient mythologies reference reptilian creatures who are especially hostile toward the human race. Mayan legends speak of "serpents of wisdom" who enlightened mankind before the dawn of civilization, and Hopi legends refer to a reptilian race known as the Sheti, who live underground. There are many others, throughout the world and throughout history. In modern times, there is a belief that reptoids have been here for centuries, some living among mankind, using their shape-shifting abilities to appear as humans, taking several positions of influence and power, while the remaind of their race have been living beneath the surface of the earth, from which they hold the true power over all of the governments of the earth.



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