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Also known as reptilians, reptiloids, dinosauroids, Saurians, the Anunnaki, Dracos, or Draconians, reptoids are believed, by some, to be a humanoid species living on or beneath the surface of the earth.

Those who believe in them will argue that they have been spoken of and referenced throughout the history of the world, and into contemporary times.

There are several theories as to the nature of reptoids, and some of them are contradictory.

One such theory is that reptoids are animals, like reptiles, with a humanoid shape that can be transformed into that of an ordinary human at will, as they are fourth-dimensional beings.

Generally, this theory holds that they are extraterrestrials from the planet Draco, but that they have been here on Earth for centuries, and were indeed the first intelligent species on the Earth.

A sub-theory that goes along with this is that the prime objective of the reptoids (or reptilians) is to infiltrate human beings, particularly in the areas of power, eventually enslaving human beings and conquering the Earth.

In pursuit of this goal, they may have also created a race of hybrids that are part reptilian and part human. The hybrids outnumber thoroughbred reptoids on the planet, and are primarily responsible for manipulating human governments and other seats of power on Earth. There is also a belief that they work in conjunction with the Illuminati.

Thoroughbred reptoids reside in caves, although they are the ultimate decision-makers.

Some of these theories hold that many of those among the elite on Earth, including famous artists, accomplished athletes, media and film personalities, owners of large corporations, and rulers throughout the world are reptoids, and many of them are part of the Illuminati.

Created by reptoids and under their control, the Illuminati work to bring about a specific political agenda to control the world through manipulation media manipulation, genetics, and the pursuit of a central government known as a New World Order.

An early civilization, the ancient Sumerians resided in southern Mesopotamia from 4100 to 1750 BCE, and were responsible for many of the significant innovations, inventions, and concepts that are taken for granted today, including the current concept of time measurement.

According to Zecharia Sitchin, an ancient languages polyglot, ancient Sumerian writings speak of a race of beings called Anunnaki, who came to the Earth from the sky, and were ultimately responsible for genetically modifying Homo Erectus to form Home Sapiens, thus creating the human race.

It is also believed that the Anunnaki had the form of reptiles, but in a humanoid body full of scales.

Ancient mythologies reference reptilian creatures who are especially hostile toward the human race. Mayan legends speak of "serpents of wisdom" who enlightened mankind before the dawn of civilization, and Hopi legends refer to a reptilian race known as the Sheti, who live underground, and perfected the art of cutting and moving enormous stone blocks, as well as building large tunnels and underground buildings.

There are many others, throughout the world and throughout history, including Chinese and Hindu mythology, Australian legends, and others.

Some Christians believe that reptoids are the demons mentioned in the Bible, or that they are aligned with the forces of darkness.

Less commonly believed is that they are indigenous to the earth, but descended from dinosaurs.

However, the most commonly held belief among those who believe in reptoids, between Christians and UFOlogists alike, are that they are allied with the Illuminati, a secret society that has connections to the Global Elite, the Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, and the Windsors.

Reptoids are thought to be intelligent, supernatural or highly evolved humanoids with reptilian characteristics.

They are popular figures in mythology, science fiction, fantasy, and fringe theories, appearing in several conspiracy theories, most notably those of David Icke.

In modern times, there is a belief that reptoids have been here for centuries, some living among mankind, using their shape-shifting abilities to appear as humans, taking several positions of influence and power, while the remainder of their race have been living beneath the surface of the earth, from which they hold the true power over all of the governments of the earth.

There is also the belief that reptoids view human beings as slave labor and potential food.

There are several reported cryptids that are said to be reptilian, but this portion of our guide is for those who have human form and advanced intelligence. Other reptilian cryptids may be submitted directly to the Cryptozoology category.



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