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Also known as shadow figures, shadow beings, or black mass, shadow people are perceived as being what the name implies, sometimes appearing as shadows on a wall. They have been reported as moving along walls like a regular shadow, except that there is no person to reflect the shadow. They have also been viewed as free standing, like a person who is covered head to toe in black, and usually described as being an inky black, impenetrable dense shadow that differs from everyday shadows. Eyewitnesses often report that the darkness of the shadow person is so opaque as to give the impression that they are solid. Like black holes, they absorb light rather than reflect it. Shadow people are most always reported as being featureless and without visible eyes, although some have reported being visited by shadow people with yellow, white or red eyes. Those who have been visited by red-eyed shadow people have reported extreme terror, as if they had been visited by pure evil. The majority of people who report having seen a shadow person say that they appear from the darkest corners of the room, although they have been seen in empty lots and wooded areas. Commonly, shadow people are seen as having the shape of someone wearing a cloak or trench coat, as well as a hat. Some people refer to shadow people as hat men. Shadow people are nearly always perceived as being male, although no definitive sexual characteristics are seen. There are several theories as to what they are. These include ghosts, demons, wraiths, extraterrestial aliens, djinn, the astral projections of people having an out-of-body experience, the shades of living people who are experiencing a near-death experience, or beings who exist in another dimension. Night terrors, sleep paralysis, and visual hallucinations may explain some of the sightings. As most sightings occur while someone is in bed, either just waking up or falling asleep, they could be the result of hallucination during a state of hypnagogia.



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