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Enhanced children refers to children who represent a leap in human evolution, as they are more highly evolved than their parents or other children their age.

Nancy Anne Tappe first came up with the concept of Indigo children in the 1970s, and others have built upon and added to the idea. Enhanced children might be known as Indigo children, Crystal children, Crystalline children, Star children, Earth Angels, Children of Now, Rainbow children, or Transitional children. Depending on the author, these names are sometimes used synonymously, but others will differentiate between Indigo children, Crystal children, rainbow children, and Star children, as one being more highly evolved than the other.

There are varying theories as to how this evolution came about as well, from being evolutionary phenomena to the idea that these children, particularly the Star children, are the result of extraterrestrial modifications to the human DNA, or even that they represent an extraterrestrial consciousness intentionally entering a human body, having chosen their parents beforehand.

Those who differentiate hold that Indigo children have a feeling of royalty from birth, positive self-worth, are antisocial except with other Indigo children, and have no concept of guilt. More head than heart, they are technically oriented, more intelligent than regular children their age, and sometimes know who they were in past lives. They have highly developed senses and may be clairvoyant. It is believed that Indigo children will recreate our concepts of government, the educational system, and the legal system.

Crystal children tend to be intuitive and compassionate and may be able to heal people. In contrast to the Indigo, Crystal children live in harmony with the new world created by the Indigo. Many Crystal children have delayed speech patterns and may not begin speaking until they are three or four years of age. However, they are incredibly intuitive.

Rainbow children represent the highest example of human potential. They are giving, fearless, and free with their emotions. Their purpose is to complete the final stages of the foundation created by the Indigo and Crystal children.

Star children are an incarnation of an extraterrestrial into a human body. Star Children may be able to levitate, may have the gift of teleportation, telekinesis, and precognition.

Enhanced children are likely to be psychic, and are able to communicate with one another telepathically, and travel out of their bodies as orbs. They are brilliant and able to access information that they haven't learned.



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