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Hollow Earth theory holds that the planet is not a solid sphere, but that it is hollow and has openings to the surface at the poles. One theory, or legend, is that an advanced civilization, known as Agartha, lives beneath the surface of the earth. The Agartha are advanced technologically (perhaps even spiritual) masters who sometimes visit the surface of the earth in craft that are seen as UFOs.

In the late 1600s, the British astronomer, Edmund Halley, argued that the earth consisted of four concentric spheres and that the interior of the earth was inhabited and illuminated by a luminous atmosphere, the occasional escape of which could be seen in the aurora borealis.

Captain John Cleves Symmes Jr., an American Army officer, trader, and lecturer, adopted a variant on Halley's hollow earth theory in 1818. The Symmes Theory of Concentric Spheres holds that the earth is hollow and habitable within, containing five solid concentric spheres, one within the other, which are open at the poles. Later, he simplified his theory, teaching that there was only one concentric sphere, a hollow earth, and not five.

Symmes lobbied for an expedition to the North Pole to find the entrance to the world beneath. President John Quincy Adams indicated his approval for such an expedition but left office before it could be carried out. The next president, Andrew Jackson, did not approve it, and this may have been the source of the untrue accusation that Jackson believed in a flat earth.

Another hollow earth theory was advanced by Cyrus Reed Teed, an American physician and alchemist who, around 1870, proposed a set of scientific/religious ideas that became known as Koreshanity, which included a hollow earth theory that holds that the earth and sky exist inside the inner surface of a sphere.

Teed, who took on the name Koresh, taught that what we believed to be the outer surface of a sphere was, in reality, its concave surface, and that we were actually living within a hollow shell.

Later believers in a hollow earth insisted that Admiral Robert Byrd had entered the subsurface world, traveling 1,700 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation and animal life, all beneath the surface of the earth.

Buddhists have a similar legend, that a civilization of supermen and women lived in the center of the earth, and that they sometimes visit the surface in order to oversee the development of humanity. According to this legend, the subterranean world has millions of inhabitants and cities, its capital being Shamballa.

There is another theory that Adolf Hitler ordered a research journey to the opening in Antarctica, making an alliance with a reptilian race who inhabited the subterranean world, and some believe that a remnant of Nazi Germany exists there yet. Most civilizations have had some mythology or belief in an underworld, some beliving it to be a utopia, and others a place of punishment.

Any of several theories regarding the earth as being hollow would be appropriate topics for this portion of our guide.



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