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Ghost hunters are paranormal investigators who specialize in collecting evidence indicating the existence of ghosts or hauntings. Ghost hunters often use a variety of electronic devices such as EMF meters, digital thermometers, handheld and static digital video cameras, thermographic and night vision cameras, digital audio recorders, computers, and specialized equipment sometimes invented by members of the ghost busting team. Generally, investigators will also conduct interviews with witnesses of paranormal activity and will research the history of the site. Others may offer ghost removal services, blending religion with research. Many paranormal researchers who specialize in ghosts and hauntings will differentiate their work from that of "ghost hunters," preferring to use that term to denigrate groups whose methods, training and equipment they consider inferior to their own, and they may have a point. However, most scientists and academics consider ghost hunting and paranormal research to be a fringe pseudoscience because of the absence of scientific method. For the purposes of categorization, we will be using the term to differentiate from the broader category of paranormal research, while acknowledging that some groups may deserve more credibility than others. Ghost hunting is a term that has been widely used, having been popularized in several movies, television series, podcasts, and books. A Gallup poll conducted in 2005 showed that one-third of Americans believed in the existence of ghosts, with belief declining with age. Having surveyed people in the United States, Canada and Great Britain, the poll found that more people believed in haunted houses than in any of the other paranormal items tested. Perhaps for that reason, most groups identifying themselves as paranormal researchers restrict their activities to seeking evidence of ghosts and hauntings. These groups will be placed in this category for that reason, not as an assessment of credibility.



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