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Also known as a psychic detective, a psychic investigator is someone who helps to find missing people or solve crimes through the use of paranormal psychic abilities or, in some cases, through the paranormal ability to talk to the dead. Other psychic investigators use post cognition, which is the paranormal perception of the past, or telepathy, which makes use of information gained psychically from objects that a victim or suspect may have owned or touched. Others may use telepathy, dowsing, clairvoyance, or remote viewing. Despite the fact that there are documented cases in which individuals claiming psychic abilities have assisted police to successfully solve a crime, or locate a missing person, academics, scientists and perhaps a large portion of the general public remain largely skeptical regarding the use of psychics in police investigations. While many police departments have issued official statements declaring that they do not regard psychics as credible or useful in police matters, others have credited psychics with having assisted in cases, and it is believed that others may accept evidence received from psychics surreptitiously. While many psychic detectives provide other services as well, when it appears from their web site that their chief focus is on finding missing people or assisting in solving crimes, their site is appropriate for this category.



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