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Psychic or psychical research is the topic of sites listed in this category, including those looking into all forms of clairvoyance, such as astrology, divination, dowsing, abacomancy, clairaudience, precognition, psychic abilities and extrasensory perception, remote viewing, and telepathy. The purpose of a psychical research organization is to investigate and understand events and abilities commonly described as psychic or clairvoyant. Some psychical research groups might start with a preconceived agenda, and seek evidence to prove the reality of extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, divination, or remote viewing, while others may hold no corporate opinions, and include members holding a variety of beliefs in regard to the nature of the phenomena being studied, and others may hold to a skeptical view, seeking to debunk such claims. Any of these might be listed in this category. This is not, however, the appropriate category for topics relating to psychic detectives or investigators who investigate crimes or find missing persons by using purported paranormal psychic abilities. A separate category for Psychic Investigators has been created for these topics.



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