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The topic of UFOs might be thought of as being one and the same topic as aliens or estraterrestrial beings. This is because we presume that UFOs are alien spacecraft, while they may instead be secret military aircraft or some other phenomena. Yet, apart from the UFOs, many people have reported seeing extraterrestrial beings, and even being abducted by them, some repeatedly. They might be living on another planet, and visiting earth from time to time, or they might be living on earth permanently, unseen by most of earth's population. There are several theories involving extraterrestrials, but a common theory is that the government and NASA are keeping the existence of aliens from the public, while they cooperate with them for various reasons, such as the reverse-engineering of alien technology. Cave drawings and other relics of ancient times suggest that people many years ago have viewed alien spacecraft and even come into contact with alien visitors. True or not, many people believe that the inhabitants of earth are being watched over by intelligent creatures from somewhere else. Some claim to have been abducted by them, and others would like to see an extraterrestrial at some point in their lifetime. Egyptian and Mayan civilizations are believed to have been in communication with alien life, and what appears to be spacecraft are depicted in paintings and other artwork throughout history. Statements made some of the astronauts indicate that they held a belief in UFOs and alien life. Atronauts White and McDivitt are said to have encountered a metal object with long arms while traveling in a spacecraft over Hawaii in 1965, although they later recanted their story. According to some reports, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, both Apollo 11 astronauts, reported having come into contact with aliens while they were on the moon, and that they were told to leave the moon by these aliens. The same theorists believe that this is why we have never again sent a manned spacecraft to another planet. Of course, there are other theories that the moon landing itself was a fraud. Given the size of the universe, and that number of planets that are contained within it, many - perhaps even most - people believe that there is intelligent life on other planets. The biggest disagreement is over the idea that they have visited, and regularly visit earth. Known planets that people believe may be inhabited included Mars until NASA's Mars missions found only an empty landscape, with no signs of life, although some still hold to the idea that there is life on Mars. Other planets believed to support life - and possibly intelligent life - are Titan, Saturn's largest moon, which is though to be similar in composition to earth, as well as Enceladus (another of Saturn's moons), and Europa, which is a moon of Jupiter. People who claim to have been abducted by aliens include Clayton and Donna Lee, Gundiah Mackay, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Robert Taylor, Travis Walton, Linda Napolitano, and one of the more famous cases, that of Betty and Barney Hill, who claim to have first encountered extraterrestrial life in 1961.



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