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Inspired by revelations received by Denver Snuffer, an attorney who was excommunicated from the LDS Church in 2013, the Remnant fellowships are part of the LDS Restorationist movement.

Also known as the Covenant of Christ Movement or the Denver Snuffer Movement, the Remnant fellowships differ from the Restoration branches movement in that its members separated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rather than from the RLDS, also known as the Community of Christ. Those outside the movement may refer to members of the Fellowship of the Remnant as Snufferites, while they may refer to one another as Covenant Brothers or Covenant Sisters.

Snuffer interpreted the Bible, Book of Mormon, and modern revelations through the Prophet Joseph Smith to prophesy that the gospel of Christ would, in the last days, shift from the Gentile stewards of the gospel to Israel, from where it came. Snuffer also placed a stronger emphasis on prophecy, tongues, and distinct expressions of faith.

While still a member in good standing with the LDS Church, Snuffer released a series of books, as well as online articles, explaining his interpretation of scripture and outlining his beliefs. He asserted that he had no interest in organizing a new religion but that he sought only to promote loyalty to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, he was promptly excommunicated for what LDS Church leaders viewed as a challenge to key LDS doctrines.

In 2014, Snuffer reported that he had received a revelation to the effect that the Lord had terminated the authority of the LDS Church leaders responsible for his excommunication, including the First Presidency.

Grassroot fellowships formed that were inspired by Snuffer's teachings, although Snuffer did not personally have a hand in organizing them.

Those associated with the movement began to gather in conferences in 2016. As a result of the 2017 conference, teachings inspired by Snuffer were canonized as scripture. This consists of a rewriting of scriptures from the LDS Church, including the Book of Mormon, as well as Snuffer's own translation of the Book of John, and several of his revelations.

Another way in which the movement differs from most LDS bodies, at least thus far, is that it places little emphasis on church organization or hierarchy, with some member fellowships asserting that they have no leadership other than ad hoc committees.

According to Snuffer's interpretation of LDS scripture, the current gospel dispensation, as restored by Joseph Smith, has ended and a new gospel dispensation has begun. In other words, the work of the LDS Church is over, to be replaced by a new Church.

As foretold by by scripture, a remnant of American indigenous people, or of mixed-blood, are also of the House of Israel, and will adopt Christ's covenant in the Last Days.

In the current time, the Lord is calling people out of the LDS Church to participate in the work to come.

Like the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, those in the Snuffer movement hold that Brigham Young was apostate and lacked the authority to direct the LDS Church. Therefore, they reject any doctrinal innovations made by Young.

Most believe that Smith did not authorize polygamy and that this was an innovation brought about by Young.

The Remnant fellowships hold that the authority to perform certain gospel ordinances as restored through Smith passed from the earth at the time of Smith's murder. They believe that while LDS Church apostles have the authority to baptize, they do not possess the keys necessary to receive divine revelations.

Although most adherents to the fellowships are former members of the LDS Church, others separated from the Community of Christ or other LDS sects.

Fellowships generally meet in homes or outdoors, and perform baptisms in streams. Funds are being set aside for the construction of a temple of Zion, which member believe the Lord will eventually instruct Zion people to build.

Although there is no central body, websites representing any of the fellowships associated with the Fellowships of the Remnant are appropriate for this category, along with any other sites whose topics are focused on the movement, whether they take a supportive, adversarial, or neutral tone.



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