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New Age channeling is a process in which an individual becomes the channel for a spirit who speaks through them.

A channel is similar to a medium in Spiritualism, except that a medium speaks to the dead, or allows the dead to speak through her, while a channeler generally conjure up an unrelated spirit being who communicates a message or offers guidance, knowledge, or direction to the New Ager. In channeling, the spirit being may be an ascended master, an animal spirit, or that of a deceased human being. The spirit contacted by the channel is often referred to as a guide, or a spirit guide, and the messages conveyed through channeling generally are generally of greater significance, while those conveyed through mediums are usually personal in nature, and intended for a loved one.

Channeling is sometimes referred to as trance mediumship. Channeling continues the Spiritualist belief that certain individuals are able to enter an altered state of consciousness in which they can serve as the voice for a spiritual entity from another plane of existence. Like mediums, channelers are most often women, but not necessarily so.

Like the New Age movement itself, the practice of channeling is highly diversified. While rooted in 19th-century Spiritualism, it is performed in several different ways, and used to articulate a wide variety of philosophical and spiritual ideas.

Many channels serve as the voice for a single entity, with whom they claim a long-term relationship, while other channels give voice to multiple entities, sometimes even hundreds.

Channels also vary in the way in which they describe the process of channeling. Some channels will claim to have no memory of the events that took place during the channeling session, holding that their consciousness is largely displaced by the channeled entity during the trance. Others insist that they are fully aware of everything that transpires during the channeling session and that their own consciousness has merely stepped aside to allow the channeled spirit to speak through them.

Some channels (Jane Roberts, for example) reportedly made their first contact with the channeled spirit through a Ouija board, although later contacts are made without that aid.

Most New Age channelers teach that human beings are able to create their own reality, that the world that we perceive is but a projection of our own consciousness, and we can transform our reality for the better through internal transformation. This echoes New Age spirituality, and is one of the most important themes throughout most channeling literature and the New Age movement, in general.

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