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Channeling is a means of making contact with a discarnate being known as a guide, and often believed to be one of the dead.

Those who consciously connect to these entities are known as channels or channelers. In one sense, the channeler provides the means through which the dead can communicate with the living. In doing so, the channeler learns to concentrate in order to get his or her own thoughts out of the way in order to be receptive to the entity.

However, the entity being channeled is not necessarily the spirit of a dead person. For example, ancient Egyptians are said to have channeled the God energy, while the ancient Greek priestess Pythia channeled Apollo, the God of the Sun.

Believers in channeling believe that the biblical prophets through whom God spoke were practicing a form of channeling. Other, more contemporary, channels include Madame Blavatsky, the founder of theosophy, Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, and Sanaya Roman.

Many channelers have an entity, known as a guide, who communicates through them throughout their careers or lives, while others are able or willing to open themselves up to many entities. Some channelers receive clear words from their guides, others are given pictures that they describe, while others get only a sense of what the guide is trying to convey. Those who have chosen to connect to a high-level guide will often utilize the wisdom or expertise of their guide to help them in their own lives.

Some channelers believe that guides are entities who have once lived carnate lives, either on earth or on another planet, but who have evolved to a point where they no longer need to keep incarnating, and no longer have physicial forms or limitations. When a guide is speaking to another person through a channeler, most channelers will report that they have no awareness of what is being said, as the act of channelling requires that they move themselves out of the way in order to let the guide to the talking. Some channelers have their guides with them always, while others connect with a guide through meditation or through a seance.

During the seance, the channeler might enter into a trance state, giving their body over to a spiritual entity who then communicates through the channel. Some channelers open their eyes while channeling, and are able to walk or behave normally.

Automatic writing is also used. That is a form of channeling in which the channel begins writing on a paper with no preconceived idea as to what they are going to write, allowing the guide to use their hands to communicate through writing. There are personal guides who are with the channel always and may assist the channel to fulfill his or her higher purpose.

There are transcension guides who help the channeler to reach higher levels of spiritual awareness. Healing guides are often not verbal but work through colors, energy, frequencies, and vibrations. Healers may have more than one healing guide. Creative guides may provide inspiration to musicians, artists, and others who work in creative fields. Angels are generally channeled by people as a preparatory stage for opening their hearts to bring joy and lightness into their lives.

Angels often prefer to channel through people who are healers or who are in need of healing, and usually come for only a short time. The short definition of a channeler is one who conveys thoughts from a source believed to be outside of the person's body or conscious mind or one who speaks for non-physical beings or spirits.





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