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Outdoor recreation encompasses all things that people do for pleasure in the open air. Numerous activities fall under this category, but here are a few: Birding, or the hobby of observing and identifying various birds in their natural habitat, is also called bird-watching. Competitive birding involves a sort of race where contestants seek to accumulate large numbers of different species either in a timed contest or in a specified area. Climbing, using one's hands and feet in order to ascent the top of a steep object such as a mountain, ice formations, or rock face, may be done indoors or outdoors. Fishing, done with poles or with nets, is the recreational activity of catching fish from the ocean, a lake, a river or stream, or some other body of water. One may keep the fish or throw it back, which is called "catch and release." Hunting is the killing of animals for sport or out of necessity. A hunter may use a firearm or a bow and arrows, and dogs. Geocaching is a relatively new form of outdoor recreation which involves the use of a global positioning system (GPS) or other navigational methods to hide or seek small containers which are called geocaches. The containers, generally waterproof, each contain a log book, and when a geocacher finds one, he or she enters the date, and signifies his or her identity by using a code name which is specific to him or her. There are some versions of the game which use larger containers which contain items such as trinkets or toys.











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