What Everybody Ought To Know About Business.com

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Business.com is one of those directories that everyone has heard of, but most people know little about it.  Even being in the directory industry myself, I knew very little about this premium directory.  I wanted to know more, and fortunately, Jessica Bowman, the Director of Search Engine Optimization at Business.com answered all of my questions. […]

When You Are Thirsty, Drink Links Juice

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One of the up and coming aggressive young directories is Links Juice.  It’s owner, Terry Bytheway, generously agreed to an interview.  Terry is also the creator of the 5 deep links mod for the Site Sift Listings Directory script, which is well worth implementing if you use the Site Sift script. 1. Please provide a […]

Exclusive Interview with Shawn Walters

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One of the oldest, most established web directories is Uncover the Net.  Its owner, Shawn Walter, generously agreed to an interview. 1. Please provide a brief biography so that my readers know who you are. Well, I’m in my late twenties, and live in a suburb of Chicago.  I started working online as a web designer […]

Exclusive Interview with Dimitris Kessaris

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One reason I set up the page strength list for directories was to help identify quality directories that were not well known.  If you take a look at the directories that have a page strength of 7, you will see 2yi.net – known as Your Index Directory – up there with heavy hitters such as Alive Directory […]

The Secrets of BOTW’s Success Revealed

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One of the leaders in the directory industry is the Best of the Web Directory.  Greg Hartnett, President of BOTW graciously took the time to discuss his directory and what has made it the success it is. 1. Please provide a brief biography so that my readers know who you are. I started on the […]

Interview with Jeff @ Aviva Directory

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Here is an interview done with me by Directory-Owners.com Forum and originally posted at:  http://www.directory-owners.com/interviews/592-interview-jeff-aviva-directory.html Well this interview is with Jeff who is the owner of Aviva Directory I would just like to thank him for taking part! Q. Are you able to give us a short insight into your background? I’m in my late […]