Last Update: May 30, 2020

A common question asked by webmasters is: “What are the best directories to pay to submit my website to?

If you ask this, you’ll get lots of responses. But generally, the responses tend to list the directories that are most popular or that are owned by the person answering the question or his or her buddies.

There really is a lack of objective evidence as to which directories are truly good. So, in 2006 we devised this list in an attempt to address this and provide objective directory rankings.

Back in 2006, the folks over at what is now called Moz developed a Page Strength Tool. The tool took a wholistic view of websites, and was fairly representative of how Google viewed websites (and directories). According to Moz, the page strength tool was a better metric to quickly assess a site / page’s relative importance and visibility. Aviva Directory applied the Page Strength tool to all of the general web directories to give an objective list of the best web directories.

Since then, Moz deprecated the page strength tool and replaced it with the Trifecta Tool. Aviva Directory started using that to rank directories. That tool was also later deprecated, and replaced with Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer gives a number of measurements about a website, including Domain Authority. This measurement predicts a domain’s ranking potential in the search engines. This is the tool Aviva Directory now uses to provide directory rankings.

Without further ado, below is a ranking of all general web directories with a minimum domain authority of 30, along with their submission prices.

DA Directory URL Basic Price Featured Price
62 Free
56 $149.00/year or $299.00/once
55 $59.95/once or $159.95/once $99.95/year or $249.95/once
55 $69.00/year or $199.00/once
52 $30.00/year or $100.00/once
50 $19.95/once $34.95/once
50 Bid for placement (min. $49.95)
48 $49.95/year or $149.95/once
48 $49.00/year or $149.95/once
48 $99.00/year
46 Free $9.99/year or $49.95/once
43 $99.00/year or $299.00/once
43 $11.42/once $29.22/once
42 Free
41 $39.99/once
40 Free
40 $70.00/year or $300.00/once
39 Free $15.00/year or $45.00/year or $60.00/year
39 $9.00/once $18.00/once
38 $19.95/year or $49.99/once $59.95/year
38 $59.00/once $115.00/once
37 $39.99 Express or $69.95 Easy
37 $29.95/once $75.00/once
36 £30.00/once £50.00/year
36 Free or $8.95/once $22.95/year
35 Free
35 Free £29.95/once
35 $29.95/once $74.95/once
35 $44.99/once
34 $25.20/year or $40.00/once
34 Free $27.00/year or $69.00/once
34 Free
34 $35.00/once $75.00/once or #120.00/once
34 Free
34 $39.95/year or $79.95/once
34 £35/year or £65/once
33 $9.95/once $80.00/month
33 $40.00/once $70.00/year
33 $9.95/once
33 $39.99/once $79.99/year
33 Free $59.00/once
32 $19.00/once $35.00/year or $75.00/once
32 $49.95/year or $149.95/once $74.95/year or $224.95/once
32 $49.00/once
32 £7.99/once £14.99/year
31 $24.99/once $74.99/once
30 Free or $49.00/once $17.00/year or $35.00/once
30 $17.81/once $52.00/once
30 $25.00/once
30 $25.00/once $50.00/year
30 Free/year $39.95/2-years
30 Free $9.99/month or $19.99/month