I was pleasantly surprised recently to read IrishWonder’s ebook titled Directory Marketing Reborn.  The book contains pretty much everything you need to know to market your website successfully through directory submissions.  The book is aimed at beginners and allows a complete novice to be an expert at directory submission by the end of the book.  However, even an old hand at directory marketing will benefit by reading the book;  it will help you organize your thoughts and also contains several tips and insights that I had not previously seen elsewhere.

It is popular nowadays to bash directories, and unfortunately, many in the market have given good reason for this.  That being said, directory marketing is still one of the most powerful ways that a webmaster can market their website.  IrishWonder’s book shows exactly how to do this through paid directories, free directories, local directories, and niche directories.  To boot, even though IrishWonder has a reputation as a Black Hat SEO, everything in this book is not only White Hat, but likely timeless advice, which in the SEO world is unusual.

Some of the things I like about the book:  it’s obvious that IrishWonder knows what he is talking about and cares that the reader learns it well.  The book is written in a down to earth manner that’s easy to understand and there is very little hype.  The book starts at the beginning and gradually builds up the reader’s knowledge of the subject.

Suggestions for improvement:  the end of the book is a huge list of directories.  The advantage of the list is that it is updated every few months.  However, there is no effort to separate the good from the bad directories.  Although IrishWonder does devote a good part of his book to informing you how to do this yourself, it would be great if there were at least some effort to separate well established directories from fly by night operations.  Also, while directory marketing is very helpful, it should be emphasized that this is just one form of marketing you should do for your website.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to all webmasters.  You can buy it here for $19.90 (not an affiliate link).  If you follow the advice given in the book faithfully, your website is bound to rank better in Google.