In this tutorial I will teach you how to make your very own 70’s Dance Party Invitation (See Figure Below). It will be quite easy so let’s get to it!

Things You Need:- Vector Burst Brush Pack (click to download)

- Vector Hot Babes Custom Shapes (click to download)

Vector Palm Tree Brush Pack (click to download)

Alba Super Font (click to download)

Marcelle Script Font (click to download)

Step 1: New DocumentOpen up Photoshop and make a new document using the settings below:

Step 2: Background Color and Vector BurstI selected the ‘Paint Bucket Tool‘ and painted the background using the color: “#35dd42“. Then in a new layer, I got out my ‘Vector Burst Brush‘ and selected the one I liked and made 1 burst using the color: “#46cff1“.

Step 3: Adding The “Hot Babes”

Now take out your ‘Hot Babes Custom Shapes‘ and draw 1 in the middle of the invitation (make it fairly large). Now make 1 more on each side of the middle one. You should now have 3 Hot Babes! I used black for each of my Hot Babes.

Step 4: Adding The Palm TreesNow take out your ‘Palm Tree Brushes‘ and make 2 white Palm Trees in a new layer. Drag that layer behind the Hot Babes but in front of the Background and Burst.

Step 5: Adding The TextNow add whatever text you want. I placed the Part Information on the bottom left side, the Special Guests on the bottom right, and the Main Title: “70’s Dance Party” in the top center. Make each of these texts in different layers and move them above everything else. The font I used for the Party Information and Special Guests was ‘Garamond‘, the font I used for DJ Mango was ‘Alba Super‘, and the font I used for the Main Title was ‘Marcelle Script‘. Once you’ve done all that you’re done! Your final product should look something like this: